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Custom Reiki Program

Custom Reiki Program

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Everyone is different, therefore requirements vary on ones specific needs. Phin Wellness offers a custom reiki program that can help on an individuals concerns. 

Prior to the first session, your practitioner will reach out via email to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, your practitioner will provide an evaluation, which will result in pricing.

Sessions can be done remotely, virtually, or distantly. Remote reiki sessions are catered to the comfort of your own space. This typically is at the clients home, work place, or an event. Prices vary depending on location and duration. Virtual reiki sessions are done via zoom or a different video communicating software. As for distance reiki, this is done on a daily basis for a set duration discussed previously between client and practitioner. It is not necessary for both parties to be in communication during each distant session. However, your practitioner will reach out occasionally to follow up. 

Virtual and distant sessions can be as powerful as in person sessions, as this is still a form of energy healing.

Program pricing can vary, starting from $200+

Please note: 

A $50 fee will be charged for 30 minutes of consultation. This fee will NOT be refunded if the client decides not to go through with the program, provides less than 24 hours notice of rescheduling appointment, or is more than 10 minutes late/no show. Custom program pricing will be determined at the end of the consultation. Once the program has been accepted by the client.

a $50 credit will be added towards the program, and payment must be received prior to the first session. 

Once completing order at checkout, please provide email address and phone number so we can contact you to schedule your consultation.