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In Clinic Session

In Clinic Session

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PLEASE NOTE: Your appointment is not confirmed until payment is received unless otherwise discussed. Sessions cater to one client per session.


What to expect

In-person session:

You will enter a calm, sacred space in my Toronto practice. We will have a brief chat about any concerns you may have, this can be related to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. There is an option for a massage table or floor matt. Calm sounds are played throughout the session, which helps ease your mind of any busy thoughts and help with grounding. I start from the head down to the toes. I may ask you to turn over half way through the session. At the end, I will share any insight or thoughts I received for you, and you may also share your experience.

In a session, you may experience:
- Temperature sensations (cool, warm, or hot)
- Viewing of colour
- Sensations of peace
- Messages from your Higher Self or guides
- Deep relaxation

It is important to remember, there are no wrongs. What you experience may be obvious to some, however everyone has different experiences. Often times things become clearer later. 

Side effects:
- Deep relaxation
- Tiredness

Note: In clinic appointments are only available every Wednesday 3:30pm - 7:30pm