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10 Myths About Reiki

Reiki originated from Mikao Usui in Japan. Usui sensei named this Reiki-ryoho and decided to teach people who would seek it. He established a teaching system and the Reiki principles, and then founded Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai between 1865-1926. We've included a list of misconceptions people might have regarding reiki. 


1. Reiki heals all illnesses and diseases
There is no such thing as an all-purpose cure, not even Reiki. Do not believe "all incurable diseases and cancer can be cured". Essentially, you are harvesting the universes energy to flow through you.

2. You use your own energy to heal yourself and others
When you are performing self healing or healing someone else, you are harvesting the universes energy to flow through your body. If performing reiki on another person, reiki flows through you and makes its way into the other person.

3. Not everyone can be a reiki healer
Anyone who completes level 1 of reiki is provided with the knowledge to heal themselves and family/friends. Level 1 of Traditional Japanese Reiki is known as Shoden/Shokyu training/First degree.

4. Reiki is a religious system
Reiki-ryoho is not a religious system. It is an easy to use traditional hands-on healing method.

5. Reiki is a no touch healing practice
Many believe reiki is a no touch healing method. As reiki has progressed throughout the the years, many get the misconception that it a strictly no touch therapy. Although it is not required to touch, it is more effective when hands are gently placed on areas of healing.

6. Reiki is a sort of witch craft
As previously mentioned, reiki has been around for many years, which is expected to receive false understandings. Reiki is a sublime energy of the universe, life force of the universe or pure conscious energy of the universe. This energy has been called by several names since ancient times. In China it is known as Qi, in India Prana, and in Hawaii Mana.

7. Reiki is just energy healing
In Traditional Japanese Reiki it strongly supports spiritual enhancement for transforming ones life.

8. Reiki is new in the West
It was established in Kyoto Japan and was only brought to the west (Hawaii) in 1937 by Hawayo Takata. 

9. It is a substitute for medical treatments
It is not yet regulated by the government of Canada. If you are not a licensed medical physician, do not diagnose symptoms, nor use phrases that may violate medical laws in your country. 

10. Can only be performed on people
It is a power tool to have, thus most living things can benefit from reiki. This includes; animals, plants, food and so much more!


I currently only have my level 1 certificate in reiki. I am not a reiki master. All this information was taught to me during my days of learning. I hope this helps end the stigma. Happy reiki healing!